What is New Music Every Day?

I am, and always have been, musically obsessed. A key part of this is the ongoing nagging compulsion to wade through the equally delightful and despairing weekly new releases. New Music Friday is, if all truth be told, the best day of the week and I want to replicate that every day. Pitchfork has become my catalogue, Spotify my frame for window shopping and Ticketmaster by greatest source of expenditure.

Music itself is a whole alternative world for the listener. Painting a picture as well as the greatest of fine artists whilst accurately and artistically capturing the emotions of real life better than any commissioned biographer. My fascination with music combines both the constant pursuit for new releases, and the overall ability of the art to hold a mirror up to each one of us and reflect true life.

And so, New Music Every Day is to become my new personal project. Creating a playlist over the course of a year, with a new song added for each and every single one of its 365 days. Some will be new releases, some new discoveries, some re-discoveries of old favourites and some songs that simply resonate on that particular day, be it through events, moods, emotions or engagements.

New Music Every Day is my attempt to combine my own musical discoveries with the personal and autobiographical nature of the art. In a sense, every day is to be like New Music Friday.

New Music Every Day is an audible journal, a musically orientated diary and a playlist for new discoveries. This is a personal experiment, collection and output, but one that I hope brings interest to others, be it through the concept of my project, an introduction to a new track or just the realisation of the power of music in reflecting individual life and everyone’s own unique reality.

I hope you enjoy New Music Every Day.

Kai x