Day 32: Glastonbury Day One.

Wednesday 21st June.

Our departure time was 4.00am, arrival time 7.15 and queuing time was 4 hours. All in all, the very first morning of Glastonbury Festival was somewhat tiring. Queuing for what seemed like days in sweltering heat, followed by an immediate scramble for a spot in Kidney Mead was certainly exhausting. However, once the madness was over, and we were able to take a seat in our camping chairs in our now perfectly formed campsite which directly overlooked the world renowned Pyramid Stage, all of that stress was alleviated. The excitement itself had finally reached its final stage – we were here, we were at Glastonbury.

There is little by way of official activities on the Wednesday of Glastonbury Festival, and so our day was spent wandering around and exploring our newfound home for the next five days and nights. As we ambled around in the boiling heat one thing was made immediately noticeable to me, the sheer wonder on the faces of everyone there. As a Glastonbury newbie I suspect my facial expressions were a picture, but on the faces of all festival-goers young and old it was clear to see the sheer awe and incredulity at finally being in those hallowed fields.

As we wandered aimlessly through the Pyramid Field, through the Silver Hayes dance village, around the Other Stage and through the Green Fields the unrivalled size of the place finally dawned on me. I have been to Reading Festival and Latitude Festival before and both of those were unique and exciting in their own ways, but even after only a few hours on site I could see that Glastonbury was an entirely different animal. Every corner was decorated with its own hand painted mural, every flag had its own individual design and message and every field had its own character and personality. This place was unique, this place was special.

As temperatures began to rise north of 30 degrees, our adrenaline fuelled expeditions around site began to slow, becoming gradually punctuated with searches for shade and ideal napping spots. The John Peel Stage, one of the most northern points of the festival site became the location of a mid-afternoon siesta for us and hundreds of other sets of tired legs. The sun was beating down upon every new arrival at the festival and, although unbearably hot at times, it would be appropriate to suggest that the rosy weather of the first day of Glastonbury Festival 2017 was setting the tone through pathetic fallacy for the incredible days that lay ahead.

After taking in the many sights, sounds and (some ungodly) smells of Glastonbury for the very first time, we headed up to the top of the hill in the Park field for the evening. The view from the top of that mound was simply breathtaking, with panoramic glimpses spanning far and wide across the entire festival site. As the sun began to set on Glastonbury it finally began to dawn on me that I was finally here, after years of wishing for that exact sensation. As the light descended, and darkness fell on the festival, the most exceptional firework display exploded over the fields, along with grand bonfires lighting up along the southern border.

Although it had begun with a concoction of lack of sleep, slow-moving queues and sweltering heat, the first day of Glastonbury was one that I will never forget. From the wide-eyed excitement of being within its walls for the first time in my life, to the discoveries of hidden gems around every corner, to the majestic views spanning across the evening skyline being highlighted and emboldened with the most amazing firework display; Glastonbury was already everything that I dreamt it to be and more.

I went to sleep in my tent on the Wednesday night full of excitement for the days ahead, already well aware that I had found a new favourite place on this Earth.

Over the next few days I will provide a review and write up for each of the five days of the festival, along with my favourite track / moment of the day – before catching back up with New Music Every Day.

My first day of Glastonbury was hot, sunny, beautiful, eye-opening and ultimately the fulfilment of a dream. She wasn’t on the bill but Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House sounds exactly how I felt on that day, and thus takes its place as Day 32 on the playlist, and Day 1 of Glastonbury’s dedicated segment of New Music Every Day.

Once my disposable photos are returned on Saturday I will add them into these features, I’m hoping for a few gems.



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